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Monarch Higher Education Institute is an after-school center for children of Sri Lanka to learn English in a modern and fun way. We need ESL teachers (English as a Second Language) to volunteer at our school to give the students a chance to speak, learn, and interact with people who are fluent in English.

Our goal

We are ambitious and determined. With your help we want to help Sri Lankans improve the position of our country in the world, break down stereotypes about foreigners and that foreigners may have about Sri Lanka and to make volunteerism a valuable movement here. Contact us for more information

In exchange for your time and energy we offer you

A life changing experience, living in the home of a local family

The opportunity to become part of the local community, sharing meals, celebrations and stories

Time to explore this beautiful island in your own time, with advice from local people about the best spots to visit

The chance to introduce your culture and passions to students and enhance their childhood

Grateful students who will study with bright eyes and open hearts


What People Said

It was an honor to teach at the monarch institute. I lived with Buddhika’s family and had a good time. The house is very nice and clean. All his family members are friendly, kind and helpful and I enjoyed talking to them. His mother cooks the best food. This family is wonderful and I would love to meet them again. The classes are Wednesday till Saturday, three times a day between 1,5 and 2 hours. The students are very eager to learn and I always had a fun time in class! Books and learning material is provided and Buddhikas sister always helps! So don’t worry about that. Some of the students told me that they are mainly interested in talking to good English speakers and want to learn more about different cultures. So they are always happy to keep up conversations. So enjoy your time at the institute and the family I can recommend staying there a hundred percent.
Julia Sindermann
Would recommend anytime! I was there for 3 months, experienced tons of exotic adventures and met many new amazing people. The culture is of course a bit of a shock for some, but it’s definitely worth it. The people are super kind
Michael Urban
Czech Republic
My boyfriend and I volunteered for 1 month at the monarch institute 🙂 We had a lovely time meeting Buddhika’s family who were very welcoming. The homemade food was incredible. The lessons were quite long of 2 hours. There are all the prep materials in the office for you to use, we enjoyed making our own too.
Hannah Louise
We were teaching under Monarch for 10 weeks and was an unforgettable experience. Buddhika and his family were very welcoming and kind. Even though we were working 4 days a week, teaching our students was a pleasure. We had the chance to travel through most of the island, discovered plenty of gorgeous places and over all had a blast.

Highly recommended!


Adrian Szabó & Paulina Stevikova
Czech Republic & Slovakia
I have taught in monarch institute for 2 weeks and was such a great pleasure. The students are really interesting and keen to learn!!! All books and material are provided. And Buddhika’s sister is always here to help.You stay with Buddhika’s family, they are lovely, they take care of you and the meals are amazing!

It was a really great experience for me and I totally recommend it!

Chloé Bgr
Such an experience teaching English here. Very informal atmosphere so students can learn English without too much stress. I enjoyed staying with Buddhika’s family and getting to know his friends, making volunteers feel at home
Claire Adamson